Group Overview

Health & Beauty International Group was established in 1992, with its headquarters located in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, the group has operated under a pragmatic and prudent business appporach and followed its core values of “promoting a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a beautiful life”. Over the years, the group has primarily focused on the natural health supplement development to addres the growing concern fo health related issues experienced by aging populations.

Speech and Interview

30th International Conference on Neurology and Cognitive Science

Invitation by the conference to speak on Parkinson's and the Eaulier Method in London, United Kingdom.

China Central Television Interview

Discusion on the efficacy of the Eaulier Method on Parkinson's and how the treatment improve the patient's quality of life.

Excellence Award for Social Care Enterprise 2017

Recognition by Social Enterprise Research Academy for the Eaulier Group's dedication to the ageing population by addressing their health concerns.

Hong Kong Channel Phoenix TV Interview

Discussion on the Eaulier Method through the lens of western and chinese medecine and presentation on Eaulier Method's success on health issues associated with ageing.

Medical Evidence for the “Eaulier Systemic Curer”
Uniquely Developed – Restores Cell Health
Made in Japan

The “Eaulier Systemic Curer” is an exclusive patented medical device offered by the Health & Beauty International Holdings Limited globally. Developed with cutting-edge technology through years of research in medicine and known for its exceptional safety, it holds international certifications as a medical-grade device, including approvals from the European Union, the Chinese government, and the Japanese government.

The “Eaulier Systemic Curer” is designed with advanced features, offering a non-invasive, comfortable, and user-friendly approach. It enhances the body by providing essential bioelectricity, regulating overall health through inputs from the body’s foot nerves and acupuncture points. This results in significant improvements in overall bodily function and cellular health, comprehensive health regulation, delayed aging, and remarkable enhancements in various chronic health conditions. Whether for medical or home use, its therapeutic benefits are outstanding, making it the ideal choice for improving the health of loved ones and addressing chronic and degenerative issues.

Medical Grade - Easily Treat Degenerative and Chronic Issues at Home Comprehensively Regulates the Body

Treatment sessions are also available at our company's locations in Jordan and Central

Remarkable Improvements

Mrs lee - Insomnia, Severe lower back and leg pain - problem solved

I suffered from severe lower back pain, leg pain, and insomnia for over a decade. Doctors recommended the usage of a cane because it was an age related degeneration and couldn't be resolved. It caused me a lot of distress. However, after using the "Eaulier Systemic Curer", my lower back and leg pains have all been resolved. My sleep issues have also disappeared. Now, I feel very relaxed and extremely grateful for the help of the "Eaulier Systemic Curer".

Mr. Fung - Neck pain and sciatica problems resolved after many years, no surgery needed.

After enduring years of chronic neck pain, sciatica issues, and hand numbness, I found no relief, despite trying various. It was constant source of distress. However, after treatments with the "Eaulier Systemic Curer", my pains dissipated, and my numbness disappeared, leaving me pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Wang - Parkinson's has greatly improved. It has been improved for more than ten years and is still in very good condition.

After retiring, I faced challenges with Parkinson's, symptoms included: trembling hands, difficulty walking, overall stiffness, pain, weakness, and speech impediments. It was a disheartening situation. However, gradual improvements showed after using the "Eaulier Systemic Curer " and the progress became significant after two months. It rejuvenated my strength and, to this day, after using it for over 10 years, my condition remains remarkably good. There has been no deterioration. I am immensely grateful.

Ms. Cheng - Recovered agility in limbs after experiencing residual effects of a brain issue.

After residual effects of a brain problem, I couldn't lift objects and required ongoing medical treatments despite receiving acupuncture and physical therapy. For a long time, my condition did not improve. However, after using the "Eaulier Systemic Curer", I gradually improved. My hands and leg mobility began to recover, and I could walk again. I can now travel freely. I am extremely grateful for the "Eaulier Systemic Curer".

Ms. Chin - Resolved ear problems and sleep troubles.

For more than 2 years, I had ear problems and sleep issues, with constant noise in my ears 24/7. The doctor said it was a degenerative issue and couldn't be treated, which led to my insomnia. Surprisingly, after using the "Eaulier Systemic Curer", my ear problems and sleep issues gradually subsided. I was greatly amazed, and my overall health has also improved significantly. Thank you very much.

The Group's medical business has been recognized by all walks of life.
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Group Information

"HKCT Enterprise Award Showcase" - Asia Pacific Region Most Trusted Medical Equipment Award

Mr. Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs in Hong Kong- Eaulier Hospital Visit.

London International Neurology and Cognitive Science Conference

Medical Professor


- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) with specialization in internal and external medicine.
- Diploma in Pediatrics from the University of London.
- Honorary Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

David Yew

German Heidelberg University - Certified Cell Therapist
Washington State University, USA - Postdoctoral in Applied Clinical Nutrition Medicine
Arizona State University, USA - Doctor of Medicine

Professor Wu Zhongying

Former Consultant, EAULIER Group
Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan Medical University
Retired Professor in Cardiovascular Specialty

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Head office in Jordan

Address: Unit 909-911, 9/F, Nathan Road 238,Jordan
Phone :2728 0222

Branch office in Central

Address: Room 904-905, Crawford Building, 70 Queen’s Road Central, Central
Phone: 2116 2545