Medically proven - "Eaulier"' unique formula can repair cell health
Helps improve various chronic diseases

“Eaulier” whole-body therapeutic device is uniquely developed with high technology after years of research by the Japanese scientific and medical circles. It is a very safe health medical device using bioelectric micro-electric energy. Scientists created it with brand-new scientific research technology. Its unique medical design. It can increase the human body’s bioelectricity which is very beneficial to health and necessary for the human body. It enters the human body from the cutaneous nerves and acupuncture points on the soles of the human body, and then penetrates into the human body, blood and organ tissues, enhancing and improving the health of human body cells throughout the body.

1: Activate brain cells, prevent brain problems and degeneration

Modern scientific research has confirmed that the nervous system transmits information through the electrical activity of cells. If the potential of nerve cells is imbalanced, it will cause increased resistance and blocked information transmission, causing related problems and problems with related tissues. Eaulier therapeutic devices can balance the potential of brain nerve cells, maintain information transmission in the nervous system, and promote the recovery of diseased cells.

It is very important for certain health problems of brain cells, especially suitable for focusing on: Parkin problem, sequelae of brain problems, brain degeneration, etc. It is also very important for protecting the health of brain cells.

2: Open up the meridians throughout the body, improve microcirculation, and maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

The human body’s qi and blood are smooth and yin and yang are balanced, which can prevent all kinds of diseases. Since there is no smooth muscle on the capillary walls of the human body, general vasodilator drugs can only dilate small and medium-sized arteries and are difficult to improve microcirculation. Eaulier systemic therapeutic device can increase the peripheral blood flow of the human body, make the blood flow smooth, increase the blood supply to important organs, and is extremely beneficial to those with insufficient blood supply to the brain and myocardium, and can improve liver and kidney functions.

3: Purify blood: activate enzymes in the body and eliminate acid and toxins

After applying Eaulier’s systemic therapeutic device to increase electrons in various cells in the blood, red blood cells and platelets are less likely to agglomerate and stick together, making the blood flow smooth and the metabolism products to be discharged faster, thus purifying the blood and improving blood viscosity. consistency. The deformation ability of blood cells is also increased, making it easier for the body to pass through small capillaries, improving microcirculation throughout the body, and smoothing the blood. This reduces the load on the heart and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

4: Eliminate and relieve various muscle and joint pain, stiffness, weakness, etc.​

The microcurrent of “Eaulier” whole-body therapeutic device can make muscle pain and stiffness disappear, improve the blood supply and activity of muscle tissue, and has excellent curative effect on related soreness, injury, fatigue, paralysis or atrophy, and has extremely strong physical properties. Treatment, acupuncture and other effects. At the same time, when the power of lymphocytes increases, their activity is greatly enhanced, and they also play a good role in lymphatic drainage, which can promptly discharge toxins from the human body and improve the human immune function.

5: Strengthen the function of muscles, bones and joints and improve degenerative symptoms

It can increase the body’s absorption and utilization of calcium ions, promote collagen synthesis, enhance the activity of osteoblasts, and supplement insufficient bone mass. It can also repair and improve the damage, degeneration, vitality and blood circulation of bone cells, so that injured cartilage cells can repair and gradually return to health.

6: Improve sleep and relieve tension

It can regulate and balance human endocrine functions and balance brain excitation and inhibition functions. At the same time, it can improve the function of the pituitary gland, inhibit the over-excitation of sympathetic nerves, relieve mental stress, and cause the brain to release a large amount of endorphins, which can relax the body, soothe emotions, eliminate fatigue and body aches, and improve symptoms such as headaches and insomnia.

7: Help - enhance memory, concentration, increase energy, etc.

It can improve the body’s immune function, help the body eliminate free radicals, transform acidic physique, and improve sub-health status. Therefore, it is often used to strengthen the body, delay aging, and prevent diseases. After teenagers use this therapeutic device, it can improve the nutrient supply to the brain, activate brain cells, enhance memory, concentration, puzzle and other effects, help improve academic performance, and improve people’s energy and work ability.

8: Accelerate fat metabolism and prevent obesity caused by lack of exercise

Microcurrent is input into the human body, causing muscles to contract and move, and can activate lipase in the body, accelerating the decomposition and consumption of fat in the body, making it easier for people to achieve weight loss and maintain a good figure.

9. Very useful for people with blood sugar problems

For example, after using the “Eaulier Treatment Device” for blood sugar problems, a large amount of electron energy activates the failed sugar channels and other channels in various cells throughout the body: such as potassium, sodium, chlorine and water, etc., as well as the insulin secretion function of the pancreas, etc. . Blood sugar can then enter cells for metabolism to produce ATP energy, which can be used for various repair functions of the body, including the vascular structure of the whole body.