Professor Wu Zhongying

● Former medical consultant of the group
● Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Medical University
● Retired professor of cardiovascular specialty

Professor Wu Zhongying was born in 1939 and graduated from China Medical University in Shenyang in 1962. She comes from a medical family. Her father was a military doctor for the famous Kuomintang general Zhang Xueliang before liberation, and her husband was a professor of physiology and doctoral tutor at Guangzhou Southern Medical University. The students they train are not only distributed across China, but some of them have obtained professorial degrees and doctoral degrees in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.

Professor Wu Zhongying has been engaged in clinical medical work for more than 30 years. He is engaged in clinical teaching and scientific research of cardiovascular diseases at the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Medical University in Guangzhou. He has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and is a professor of cardiovascular medicine. He has published medical papers in national medical journals: Internal Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, New Medicine, Journal of Sun Yat-sen Medical University, etc.

Professor Wu Zhongying has been engaged in nutrition and health research for more than ten years. She has been appointed to a national key scientific research project. She specializes in studying the nutritional and health value of spirulina and other marine microalgae. She actively advocates scientific health preservation. She believes that currently threatening human health For many chronic diseases, drug treatment is not very ideal. For example: the incidence of hypertension, diabetes, tumors and cancer is still rising and getting younger, and drug treatments have some toxic side effects. We strive to find treatments other than drugs and surgery, and apply natural therapies to improve health and wellness. , plays an important role in preventing and treating modern chronic diseases. Professor Wu Zhongying is not only a doctor, professor, but also a nutrition and health care expert. Based on decades of clinical experience in medicine and health care, he concluded that natural medicine and scientific health care are of great benefit to human health.

Dr. David T.W. Yew

● Heidelberg Medical School, Germany – Cell Therapist
●Washington State University, USA – Postdoctoral fellow in Applied Clinical Nutritional Medicine
● Arizona State University, USA – Doctor of Medicine

1. Its effect is very important for the whole body, especially the nervous system and brain.

2. It has a strong antioxidant effect and can effectively improve resistance to degeneration, disease and slow down aging. Shrunken cells become healthy again.

3. Its effect can protect and improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, make blood flow smoothly, and improve the body’s resistance to disease.

4. It can replenish the energy and bioelectrons consumed by the human body in every activity, function, and metabolism, allowing the human body to restore energy and health, including: healthy recovery of brain cells and repair of damage.

5. The bioelectrons it outputs are bioenergy, which can directly enter cells to participate in the production of ATP energy in mitochondria. When the elderly have no strength or energy, they can use this instrument to replenish and increase the strength and energy in the body.

6. It can make the cardiovascular system, meridians and lymphatic system of the body smooth, and the health will be very good…

7. Its effect can improve many brain problems, including: insomnia, brain degeneration…

Eaulier therapeutic equipment is internationally recognized – its unique scientific design is a medical-grade instrument that can deeply repair the functions of the human body, improve the health of the body’s organs, slow down aging, degeneration, and improve a variety of chronic diseases. It can improve problems such as pain, strain, degeneration, stiffness, paralysis or atrophy of muscles and bones. . . It can also improve brain health and improve brain problems, such as insomnia, brain degeneration, etc., with significant effects. . . It is a therapeutic instrument with multiple health and therapeutic functions, and can be used for medical or household purposes.

Dr. Leung Sai Wing
(Hong Kong)

● Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of Hong Kong)
● Diploma in Paediatrics (University of London, UK)
● Honorary Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Zhang Fujin

● Rehabilitation department specialist and expert, engaged in rehabilitation medicine for 38 years

Dr. Feng Xuanchao

● Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
● Acupuncture and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialties

Professor Nobuhiko Kuno

Professor Katsaki Tamura

Dr.Waleed R.R.ALRomaih

● Riyadh Prince Fahd Hospital – Chief Doctor
● Master of Medicine, Queen Mary, University of London