Before use: Insomnia, urinary and fecal incontinence for more than 30 years (I had to use diapers every day for many years), and multiple brain problems that caused inflexibility of my hands and feet, which was extremely painful.

After use: In about three months, decades of insomnia and difficulty in controlling bowel and bladder problems have all improved, and the inflexibility of my hands and feet has also been greatly improved! Overjoyed!

Mrs. Ho

Before use: More than ten years ago, I started to suffer from insomnia. I have been taking sleeping pills for 8 years. I can’t fall asleep without taking them. In addition, more than 20 years ago, I suffered from severe back pain. After many years of treatment, I had no results. I even had two major surgeries for back pain, one in a private hospital and the other in a government hospital. In the end, there was no improvement. The doctor said that he could not do it a third time, and there was nothing he could do. For more than 20 years, he could only suffer the pain silently.

After use: In less than three months, the severe back pain has improved, which is very surprising. Now I don’t need to take sleeping pills, and I can sleep until dawn. I am very happy and surprised.

Mr. Cheung

Before use: sequelae of brain problems, easy mood swings, insomnia that makes it difficult to sleep even after taking sleeping pills, accidental falls that cause leg pain and unable to move.

After use: The sequelae of brain problems have improved, my hands have become stronger, my walking has become more stable, I sleep well, and there is no insomnia! My white hair has also turned black. I am very grateful to the Eaulier therapeutic device.

Mr. Hung

Before use: Many years of insomnia and headache problems, extremely poor physical condition.

After use: After using it for a period of time, my insomnia, headaches and physical problems have also improved. I am very happy.

Ms. Huang

Before use: I have been suffering from insomnia for more than ten years and have to take sleeping pills for a long time. I have severe foot cramps when standing, sitting or sleeping. The pain is so painful that I almost want to die.

After use: After using it for about three months, I can sleep well again. The frequency of leg cramps has been greatly reduced. I can sleep well without taking medicine. I can eat and feel refreshed.

Ms. Chin

Before use: Ear health, dizziness, insomnia, and blood sugar problems have been a problem for many years.

After use: After using it for about three months, my ear health has improved, making me feel peaceful and comfortable, my insomnia has also improved, my dizziness has disappeared, and my blood sugar has returned to normal.

Mrs. Hung

Before use: blood sugar, blood pressure problems, chronic diseases, poor Qi.

After use: Blood sugar and blood pressure are normal. Insomnia has been significantly improved. I am very happy.