Mr. Liao

Before use: Feeling depressed, unable to breathe, needing heart surgery

After use: I haven’t had any episodes of feeling depressed or unable to breathe.

Ms. Pan

Before use: blood pressure problem continues to be unstable, memory is reduced and cannot recognize the way, cannot distinguish between east, west, north and south, and often get lost.

After use: After about a month, my blood pressure began to improve and is now basically maintained at normal values. My memory has improved. I feel familiar and clear everywhere I go. I don’t get lost wherever I go and I can clearly distinguish between them. direction.

Mr. Luk

Before use: I have been unable to control my blood sugar for more than 30 years and have been taking medication. I have had blood pressure problems for more than 30 years, sciatica pain leading to paralysis of my feet, unable to go out on the street, aging lumbar spine, and bone spurs.

After use: The blood sugar level improved a lot and I started to reduce the medication. I can walk a little better, my feet are no longer numb, and my sciatic pain has improved, which is very different from before.

Ms. Chen

Before use: blood pressure problems, heart problems, joint pain, soft feet, high uric acid, urinating four or five times in the middle of the night

After use: My feet no longer hurt when I stand up, it is much easier to walk, and I urinate less at night. Now I don’t need crutches, and I can walk long distances.