Ms. Cheng

Before use: The sequelae of brain problems made me suddenly unable to walk and move normally on my own. I was hospitalized for many months and had no improvement despite various treatments.

After use: After about two months, I have regained good mobility and walking. After about four months, my mobility and walking were back to normal, and the whole family was very happy.

Ms. Yue

Before use: sequelae of brain problems, no strength in hands and feet, physical strength is worse than before, hair loss, blood pressure and blood sugar problems, husband’s knee pain.

After use: My hands and feet are stronger, my stamina has improved, I am in good spirits, my hair has slowly grown a lot, my blood pressure and blood sugar have returned to normal, my husband’s knee pain has also improved, and I can now travel everywhere. I don’t feel tired either.

Ms. Lau

Before use: Insomnia, urinary and fecal incontinence for more than 30 years (I had to use diapers every day for many years), and multiple brain problems that caused inflexibility of my hands and feet, which was extremely painful.

After use: In about three months, decades of insomnia and difficulty in controlling bowel and bladder problems have all improved, and the inflexibility of my hands and feet has also been greatly improved! Overjoyed!