Ms. Lau

Before use: Insomnia, urinary and fecal incontinence for more than 30 years (I had to use diapers every day for many years), and multiple brain problems that caused inflexibility of my hands and feet, which was extremely painful.

After use: In about three months, decades of insomnia and difficulty in controlling bowel and bladder problems have all improved, and the inflexibility of my hands and feet has also been greatly improved! Overjoyed!

Ms. Lam

Before use: blood sugar problems, frequent urination, poor memory.

After use: Blood sugar has normalized, body mechanism has improved a lot, and memory has improved.

Mr. Lam

Before use: Blood sugar and blood pressure problems, urinary incontinence for more than 20 years

After use: Now my blood sugar and blood pressure have returned to normal levels, and my incontinence has also improved. I am very happy.

Ms. Chen

Before use: blood pressure problems, heart problems, joint pain, soft feet, high uric acid, urinating four or five times in the middle of the night

After use: My feet no longer hurt when I stand up, it is much easier to walk, and I urinate less at night. Now I don’t need crutches, and I can walk long distances.

Ms. Chan

Before use: Feet cannot move and are very painful, nocturia

After use: There is no pain in the feet and knees, and there is no problem of nocturia.