Mr. Fung

Before use: The ischial bone problem has caused me to be unable to move my feet, the paralysis is getting worse and worse, the pain is severe, and I have had blood pressure problems for 10 years.

After use: I can walk around now, take less medicine, my blood pressure has improved, and I feel much more energetic.

Ms. Mak

Before use: Both feet and knees were degenerated. They were so painful that they were numb and cramped. They were so painful that they could not sleep. They would scream when they fell asleep and could not eat.

After use: For more than two months, I have improved to the point where I can sleep and eat without cramps. The operation has been cancelled.

Mrs. Lee

Before use: low back pain and foot pain, you have to use crutches when going up and down stairs. Once an attack occurs, I feel dizzy and unable to walk. I have no strength and the pain is so painful that I can’t sleep. I am allergic to medicines and cannot take many medicines.

After use: I no longer need crutches after trying it for a month, and now I can travel. If you sleep well, you don’t need to take half a pill.

Mrs. Ho

Before use: More than ten years ago, I started to suffer from insomnia. I have been taking sleeping pills for 8 years. I can’t fall asleep without taking them. In addition, more than 20 years ago, I suffered from severe back pain. After many years of treatment, I had no results. I even had two major surgeries for back pain, one in a private hospital and the other in a government hospital. In the end, there was no improvement. The doctor said that he could not do it a third time, and there was nothing he could do. For more than 20 years, he could only suffer the pain silently.

After use: In less than three months, the severe back pain has improved, which is very surprising. Now I don’t need to take sleeping pills, and I can sleep until dawn. I am very happy and surprised.

Ms. Chan

Before use: Feet cannot move and are very painful, nocturia

After use: There is no pain in my feet and knees, and there is no problem of nocturia.

Mr. Ng

Before use: Bone problems are painful. When bone problems occur, you have to get injections, which is very troublesome. There are also foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, and back pain.

After use: Bone problems have not occurred, pain has been eliminated, and memory has improved. I am very happy!

Mr. Hung

Before use: Many years of insomnia and headache problems, extremely poor physical condition.

After use: After using it for a period of time, my insomnia, headaches and physical problems have also improved. I am very happy.

Mrs. Chu

Before use: I have been diagnosed with brain problems. I have dizziness and faint easily. I have foot pain and cramps every night when I sleep. It is very difficult to stand on my feet for a long time.

After use: After using it for about half a year, my dizziness has been greatly improved. I no longer have cramps or foot pain when I sleep at night. I don’t feel tired after standing in line or waiting for a long time. I sleep well and feel better. .

Ms. Yue

Before use: sequelae of brain problems, no strength in hands and feet, physical strength is worse than before, hair loss, blood pressure and blood sugar problems, husband’s knee pain.

After use: My hands and feet are stronger, my stamina has improved, I am in good spirits, my hair has slowly grown a lot, my blood pressure and blood sugar have returned to normal, my husband’s knee pain has also improved, and I can now travel everywhere. I don’t feel tired either.